Die Change Tables

for fast and safe Die Change

For optimisation of die change process at presses beside of the use of die change carts there also exists the possibility of using Die Change Tables. 

Die Change Tables are available as transportable single tables, as fix installed single tables or as fix installed table-systems in T-shape or L-shape.

Moving of the press dies in case of transportable single tables as well as in case of fix installed tables with press dies of light weight usually is done manually by the operator. In case of medium and heavy weight press dies die movement usually is done motorized. 

Whilst mobile die change tables for die change normally are docked to the press from the front side, table systems in T-shape or L-shape usually are fix installed at the rear side of the press, to keep completely free the accessability of the press from the front side.

Fix installed die change tables usually are loaded / offloaded by overhead crane or forklift truck.

Die change tables are built customer-specific.

Detailed information regarding the different versions of die change tables you will find on the following pages.

If you will have questions regarding our Die Change Tables, we will be at your disposal at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us:   

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Email:  info@seidel-handlingsysteme.de


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